Skills To Look For In A House Painter

The Sail Master
, in 16 November 2018

Painting can greatly change the look and feel of a building. You can do the job yourself, but for a professional-quality job, you need to hire a professional house painter. Especially for painting exteriors, hiring a professional painter is a must. And like all other professionals, painters need some qualifications. In this post, we will focus on the skills every painter needs to have.

Familiarity with tools used for the job

In order to perform the job, painters need to use rollers, brushes, wire brushes, scrapers, sanders etc. A professional house painter must know the proper use of all these tools. He should have a deep understanding of different types of paints and tools. For interior and exterior painting, different types of tools are used. For painting in different textures and styles, different types of tools are used. Familiarity with these tools is a must. Performing routine maintenance is an essential part of a professional painter’s daily chores.

Physical dexterity

To perform the job well, house painters need physical strength, balance and dexterity. If a painter is not physically fit, he will find it difficult to move equipment efficiently and safely. If you are looking at getting some exterior painting done, you should know that weatherboard painting can be quite exhausting especially if you are painting outside in the heat, which is why you definitely want exterior professionals such as the ones found here. Climbing ladders as well requires strength and agility and a good sense of physical balance which is more reason to ensure the painter you hire is physically fit and experienced.

Familiarity with materials used in the job

Paints vary in a lot of ways—colour, texture, viscosity, drying time and luster. Some other materials used in the job include varnishes, primers, finishes and sealers. All these materials vary in a lot of ways. A professional painter must have deep knowledge about all these materials. In order to evaluate his own performance, a painter should conduct tests and inspections of materials.

Time management skills

A house painter usually works without direct oversight. That is part of the reason he must have time management skills. While working, he must realise that time is literally money. This skill enables a painter to make better decisions and become more successful in his career. Painters who are self-employed must give accurate estimates of how much time he will take to complete a job. Time management involves managing not only one’s own time but also the time of others.  

Communication skills

A professional house painter must understand his client’s particular needs. There are clients who do not explain what they really want. To work with such clients, good communication is a must. If a client does not provide precise instructions, a professional painter must use his judgment. Good communication means being able to understand what a client really wants. To be able to become a good communicator, it is important to be an active listener. A professional house painter must pay full attention to the client is saying and ask questions as appropriate.

Attention to detail

A house painter must pay attention to details such as clean edges, well-adhered layers and even coats. Detail-oriented painters achieve great client satisfaction. If there is a small error, it can subtly change the look of a building or a room.  

Aesthetic sense

Apart from the practical reasons, painting is done for making a house look beautiful. A professional painter must understand this. In many cases, clients do not have an idea of what colour should be used. Some clients rely absolutely on the painters. It is possible to first visit a colour consultant however you may find many painters offer colour consulting as a part of their services, visit this link for more information. If your preferred painter doesn't offer colour consulting, you will want to have confidence that they have good sense and a similar taste to you. Aesthetic sense also involves reasonable approaches to problems and recognising beautify in ordinary things. 

On a typical workday, a house painter has to do a lot of work. To perform the job well, a painter should always try to improve his skills and abilities.