The Procedure of Making a TAC Claim

The Sail Master
, in 11 April 2019

If you have a car or bike accident, you will feel at a loss, and worry a lot about many things: paying the bills, and coping with other expenses. Your injury will impact you life in many ways. In this post, we are going to provide some important information about TAC (Transport Accident Commission) claims. After reading this post, hopefully you will know the process of making a TAC claim, and make an informed decision if you need legal assistance after an accident.

Collecting necessary information

And if there is a public transport accident, the following information should be collected:

Making a TAC claim

It is not difficult to make a TAC claim. When you are injured, you have to contact the TAC. To contact them, you can use this number: 1300 654 329. You will be asked to describe the accident in details. After some time, the TAC will provide you with a form, and you will have to fill it and return it to the TAC. But the process may not be so easy in all situations.

To make a claim successful, you must record the details accurately, provide them accordingly. Whether your accident involves a motor cycle, truck, car or public transport, you should record the details. It is also important to keep the details of the witnesses.

If there is no police at the incident, you have to go forward and report the incident to the police. Once you have signed and submitted the claim, people from TAC will contact you within a couple of weeks. They will give you a claim number so that you can make the claim later. But in the first place, you have to deal with a tricky aspect of the claim: should you lodge the claim. Before you do anything else, you must find a reasonable answer to this question.

Role of a TAC claim lawyer

An experienced TAC claim lawyer can understand the problems and take necessary steps on your behalf. After an accident, you may feel overwhelmed and find it hard to understand so many aspects of TAC law. In order to get compensation, you have to lodge the claim in the right way. If you need assistance with a claim then a TAC lawyer can assist you and handle legal matters to make sure that you achieve your desired outcome, lawyers who specialise in TAC have the resources and they are dedicated to this area of law. In most cases, you have to pay very little if your lawyer does not succeed in the case. If you have strong evidence and a strong lawyer, you can certainly hope for the best possible outcome. If you notice that the TAC is less willing to conform to your claim, hiring a lawyer can be the best thing you can do.

As you see, the procedure of making a TAC claim is not complicated. However, things may get complicated in your case, but you should not worry because there are experienced TAC lawyers who can make it easy for you to receive your compensation. If you do not have the time and energy to pursue the claim, you should hire a lawyer without any further delay.

Things to note

You must read the claim for compensation summary and make sure the information provided is correct. If you find any incorrect information, call the TAC as soon as possible. Provide accurate information when filling up the form. Your chances of receiving compensation greatly depend on this information.

After the accident, you must lodge the claim within 12 months. The date can also be counted from the time when your injury becomes evident. But you must take this time frame when making a claim. The accident must be reported to the public transport operator if the accident takes place on the public transport.