Uses For Drone Photography

The Sail Master
, in 21 October 2018

Gone are the days that only professional photographers or media companies enjoy the beauty of aerial photography. Now with the help of affordable and easy to use equipment, even small-time hobbyist can dabble in 'drone photography'. So whether you acquire a drone for hobby or for business, here are some of the most common things people have been doing with this impressive device.

Weddings Videos

It has been a long-time tradition for weddings to be recorded for memories’ sake. But to stand out from the thousands of agencies that provide this service, videographers have started to incorporate aerial footages for their client’s pre-nuptial videos, same-day-edits, and wedding montages. It also adds that sort ethereal feel that makes reliving the day more memorable for the couple.


Taking your drone to your travel destination may seem a bit of an extra work but you wouldn’t want that the only photos you ever take of yourselves during your trip are mere badly taken selfies. Just imagine the amazing footage you could capture from a drone on the blue beaches of Bali or on the beautiful hillsides of Queenstown. It will also up your Instagram game and you could capture photos from a perspective no other tourists have.

Tourism Advertising

On the other side of the coin, tourism agencies have also started making use of aerial footages of tourism spots to attract more visitors. From theme parks to natural sites, seeing the entire site gives potential tourists a better sense of adventure than just mere eye-level shots. Hotels and resorts have also incorporated this into their advertising schemes as it truly shows how grand and luxurious their facilities are.

Real Estate

To truly capture the curb appeal of your place, you may also want to take photos of your house from the bird’s eye view. This showcases how your entire property – house and landscaping – all come together as a whole and create a real representation of the environment. For real estate agents, it has been reported that hiring a drone photographer to take aerial shots of real estate before it hits the market attract more potential buyers, click here to find out more. 

On top of these fun creative outlets, drones have also been used by communities and agencies more serious situations. Drones give that extra level of work that cost less and is more efficient.

Disaster Planning and Relief

Drones provide a view that can help disaster prevention agencies lay out plans in case of emergencies. They can map out disaster-prone areas, especially floods zones, and identify households that need a more immediate assistance than the rest. On the unfortunate chance that a disaster does occur, drones also provide relief operation volunteers a more updated view on the situation particularly if they are unsure if whether the area is still dangerous or not. This reduces the risk and the possibility of additional casualties while also progressing search and relief operations.

Urban and Construction Planning

When developers build on a massive scale, a mere personal inspection may become less effective because of site risks and of course, needing to cover more space. As such, architects and contractors have started employing drones to inspect development sites, not just to measure progress, but to also sort of identify problem areas on construction and built.

The possibilities are endless with drones. While it is still not a mass-scale technological device, it is slowly starting to creep its way into our usual repertoire. Soon enough, hearing the faint buzz will be as normal to us as that shutter sounds.